Friday, October 14, 2011

САТО НОРИКО: Монголд цөмийн хаягдал булшилна гэж ярьсан бол Япончуудын өмнөөс би ичиж байна.

Японы Осака хотод суугаа Монгол Улсын өргөмжит консул Сато Нориког “Өнөөдөр”-ийн хойморт урилаа. Амьдралынхаа 20 гаруй жилийг монголчуудад зориулсан түүний хөдөлмөр зүтгэл, сэтгэлийг үнэлэхгүй байх аргагүй. Намуухан дуутай, даруухан энэ эмэгтэй байгаль орчин, боловсрол, эрүүл мэнд, үйлдвэрлэл гээд олон салбарт ихийг бүтээсэн гавьяатай хүн.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Location Toika Ky

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TOIKA can also deliver damask and draw harness looms, looms equipped with compressed air operated beaters,

warping equipment

Toika offers a complete line of warping equipment,
manufactured with the same exacting standards and
quality craftsmanship our looms are famous for.

Warping Mills (2-4 1/2 yds. per turn)
Swift Stand
Upright Swift
Umbrella Swifts
Cone and Reed Stands
Spools and Spool Racks
Warping Paddle

Reeds & Heddles

Toika reeds are created using the finest manufacturing methods and
materials possible and are available in stainless and carbon steel. All Toika
reeds are packed in plastic sheaths to protect against dust and humidity.

Standard reed sizes:
6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 dents per inch.
Weaving lengths:
22", 26", 30", 36", 40", 45", 50", 59", 70".
Custom sizes are also available.

Heddles come in bundles of 100, in both polyester and cotton.
Polyester heddles are available in 11" (28 cm) and 13" (33 cm) lengths.
Cotton heddles are available in 11 3/4 (30 cm) length.


Toika has everything you need for weaving: roller shuttles, double shuttles, as well as a variety of rug shuttles, short ones for poppana weaving, and long ones (up to 31 1/2" / 80 cm) ideal for large rugs.

• Rug Shuttles
• Poppana Shuttles
• Poppana Shuttles w/ Rollers
• Boat Shuttles

Temples (Stretchers)

Toika manufactures a wide range of rug temples (stretchers) for fabric and rug weaving. The metal stretchers are constructed of steel, available in adjustable lengths ranging from 7 7/8" to 94 1/2" (20 cm to 240 cm). End piece widths measure 1 5/8" (4 cm) and 2 1/8" (5.5 cm)—the larger end width available in stretchers over 1 meter.

The 3-section temple features wood and metal construction, 53 1/8" to 86 5/8" (135-220 cm) length, and an end piece width of 2 1/8" (5.5 cm). Of special note are the needles, which are larger than those found in standard stretchers.